segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2012


Ouça amúsica e preencha as lacunas.

Perfect Person

I don't udnerstand this, _______ pain pushed inside, ________ plastic frustration
Why you cannot________ you, I________ walking hate, all this surrounds me
I can't even________, I don't understand

Why I hate_______

You do not______, I don't understand, in a________ I see nothing
Why don't I see something, my_______ my own prison,_______ face my own toy
I_________ no honest reflection, I don't understand

Why I hate me

See what I am, everything________ changed, and I________
________my own mind
Cause everything feels _________

I can't feel
I am numb
A perfect person

Kill me

Found out what_______ doing, I can't find my head

all     am    be    can't   dead   find  has  have  I'm  me  mind  mirror see   try your

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